”EMPTY WALLS” Music video


Recently i working really hard to make one of the most challenging video that i ever made, When i was coming to Sweden started to be in some of the concert around the city and that was really awesome because i meet Armin who is leader of the Original stock band. I believe that they are really talented.

Original Stock was founded in may 2013 by the former drummer Adnan Smajlagic and singer/guitarist Armin Kesedzic.

The name Original Stock comes from the word ”original” as in one of a kind or special and the word ”stock” as in ordinary or common. Together they become super ordinary, trying to emphasize that the band members are really just ordinary guys.


Original Stock has it´s most creating inspiration from the early 70´s rock to grunge and modern heavy metal. The heavy and melodic sound with segments of melancholia together with the mix of clean and distorted vocals is what makes the sound of Original Stock unique.

We’ve started recording there first video and we hope to be able to release it by the end of May. Our crew in  #VitWheat productions have been totally ready to do the best. Green screen and everything .

Filmproduction: Vitwheat

Behind the scenes foto: Mehrdad Karimi

Client: Original Stock


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