Shahin Najafi – Kor (Video Art) ویدئوآرت کُر – شاهین نجفی

”KOR” is an experimental art film written and directed by Alireza Badiee. This video is made with participant artist Mr. Shahin Najafi one of the most iconic Iranian artists.

Women rights are the greatest desire of our time. With this project, we want to do our part and help in this re-debated topic. In agenda through the project, we will enlighten the female rights to their own body.

Shahin Najafi is poet, writer, musician, songwriter and one of Iran’s most controversial singers and musicians today. In their texts, Shahin takes up topics related to human rights, the difficult situation of women and the lack of democracy in Iran.

This film has been done with the support of Gothenburg Film Studios.

Lyrics, singer: Shahin Najafi
Piano: Adrian Wachowaik
Percussion: Habib Meftah 
Guitar: Pouya Mahmoodi
Mix and Mastering: Old Street Studios
Composer, Arrangement, Bouzouki, Trumpet, Vocals: Shahin Najafi
publisher: Dyaloge limited 
Video Production: Androbmedia AB, Vitwheat 
Technical unit: Mehrdad Karimi
Video Cast: Greta Westling, Julia Glisic, Raphaël Niba, Filippa Andersson, Malin​ Vispe, Vera Lindquist
Makeup: Kattis Tavakoli
Writer​, Director: Alireza Badiee


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